Greetings from Inhambane,
The big news here is still cyclone Dineo which hit us hard on Wednesday,  February 15th.  That was three weeks ago today. The damage and effect it had on thousands of people around us is incredible.  Most of the locals only heard there would be a lot of wind and rain, thus the people had no idea really what was about to hit. All power and water supplies were cut as the storm approached. We were home and rode out the storm safe and dry in our concrete house, but for most, they had to suffer through the storm in reed and palm branch houses. And when their roofs or structures collapsed, they would have to find any shelter they could until the cyclone passed over. People told us how scared they were and how they thought they were going to die.  Thankfully, the storm failed to dump the projected rain on us and there were relatively few who lost their lives in the storm.
The day following the cyclone, we went and surveyed the damage in the city and at the homes of some of the disciples. Everyone was basically in shock, and not knowing what to do and fearful that it wasn’t over. We decided we must respond and start helping people.
On day two following the cyclone, Scott bought a chainsaw and started organizing disciples that were available to help in the clean up. We went first to the Jose’s to removed a coconut tree that had fallen on the girl’s sleeping hut, and then we started rebuilding their room.  As a team was building, Scott and a few others began moving from house to house throughout the neighborhood cutting and clearing fallen trees.
These last three weeks have been super busy and taxing physically, but we are so happy we are able to help so many people through donations to the ECHO Project.  So much has been done already. Dozens and dozens of trees have been cut and removed.  The ECHO project has funded the complete rebuilding of 5 homes and the partial rebuilding of at least 5 more.  We have distributed food and building materials that we have received to those most in need.  And while we continue to the the above each day, we are also exploring the possibility of replacing missing roofs over classrooms at some the local schools.
I like to characterize what we are doing here as discipleship in action. In talking to my disciples and others around us, I tell them we are motivated by the answer to this one simple question.  “If Jesus were here in Inhambane today, what would he be doing?”  To me the answer is so clear. He would be out helping and serving people in need, starting with the most vulnerable. So that is what we too are doing. And let me tell you, it is so rewarding and such a blessing, not only to the people we can help, but to those of us who are serving as His hands and feet on the ground here. Pray for us as we share the good news of Jesus while we help them rebuild their homes.
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Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!
Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah, and Jayden Harris