Discipleship Making Movement Training
Recently I attended a week long training on launching and sustaining a Discipleship Making Movement (DMM) that really blessed me. While our goal here among the Tonga people of Mozambique has always been to launch a DMM, having never been a part of one or seeing one in action has made it difficult to start.
I know full well that a DMM is the result of the Holy Spirit working in the lives of faithful disciples in a location. But I was also reminded that as a disciple-maker, I must constantly be attentive and vigilant in insuring that I am cultivating a receptive environment for a movement and not putting in place barriers that will kill a movement. I know I must lead by example, so I have recommitted myself to the mission and vision God has given me.
Since my return home, I have changed up my schedule so that I can better train and share what I learned with my different ministry teams. My main focus has been to get them better trained in using Discovery Bible Studies to promote replication of groups and leaders more quickly. We are only in the early stages of adapting how we have been teaching, but the feedback has been very positive.
Pray that a discipleship making movement will be launched among the Tonga people here in Mozambique. Pray that we have wisdom and discernment as we work to make disciples who make disciples.
Pictures from the DMM training in Tanzania I attended.



Guinjata Disciples Become “Good Samaritans”
On of the main goals of a disciple-maker is to see his disciples catching a vision of what needs to be done and then doing it without being told to do so. The team of young disciples I have been working with in Guinjata have done just that. They listened, saw what I did, and then went out began to obey what God would want them to do.
After Cyclone Daneo, I took a group of my disciples from the city out to the village of Guinjata to help rebuild a house and cut down fallen trees for several widows in the local church. The next Sunday I taught on how we are to love our neighbors and help those in need using the story of the Good Samaritan. There are people all around is in great need and distress following the storm and as Christ followers, we need to love our neighbors and help. That is why we came from the city, to help some in their community who were suffering. After the lesson, several in the church confessed they were sorry that they had not helped their neighbors. In fact, they confessed they had not even thought to go and see if they were OK. That admission was powerful in and of itself, but they did more than confess, they decided to act. They began to look around assist their neighbors who needed help. Without asking for me to give them money or for my help, they began going out to help people in need.

Amoni’s cooking hut after the storm. He was afraid to go into it for obvious reasons.

We gave Amoni a bucket of food and some basic building materials along with the black plastic tarp.

Amoni is an old man who has trouble walking and is almost blind. He lives alone and comes to church most weeks when he feels strong enough. They found a tree had fallen on his cooking hut and he needed help to clear it plus to nail back down his roof. As they worked to repair his home, the guys discovered he could no longer wash his own clothes, so they told several of the women from the church who then went and washed his clothes. Small acts of kindness and love speak louder than words.

Several of the disciples in front of a house they just rebuilt for a widow lady who lost her house.

This is one of the women they distributed food to rather than keeping it for themselves.

One of the disciples works in a restaurant on the beach and his employer gave them extra food and money after the storm. He said, “We have jobs and can buy food, but there are old people around us suffering.” So the three guys working there (one isn’t even a Christian) took everything they were given and went and distributed it to about a dozen elderly people in greater need. They gave it all away. They became a “Good Samaritan” to those around them. They were obedient with what they learned about loving their neighbors.

Most of our relief work has slowed down as people have rebuilt most of their homes by now. There is still a lot of clearing and tree cutting we can do. Our main focus now is trying to see if we can’t go in and put new roofs on school classrooms that still have not been repaired. We will keep you updated.