Training, Training, & More Training

I find myself writing today from Lusaka, Zambia, where I am half way through my annual training to Zimbabwe, Zambia and Brazil. I am spending a month doing follow-up with the churches and leaders I trained last year, and giving additional counseling and training on discipleship and evangelism. It’s a very busy month!

I’m teaching on how to do a “Discovery Bible Study”

We work in small groups to improve the learning process.

I began my trip by traveling with David Cuna to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe where we preached in two different churches, then I taught for 3 full days in their Bible School. There were 22 people who participated in the 3 days of training and I was very encouraged by their response to the lessons.

From Zimbabwe I flew to Zambia. After spending the night in the capitol, I took a LONG bus trip to Mongu where I not only taught all day Saturday, but preached and then taught through the rest of Sunday. In Mongu there were 10 church leaders from three different towns and villages.

A major part of the training I am doing is calling us to examine what the church does and the fruit it produces. Is it the same church we find in the book of Acts?

Biblical leadership is servant leadership. Here I am acting out how Jesus washed his disciple’s feet. The disciples should have been figthing over who would wash Jesus’ feet!

From Mongu, it was a two day bus trip across Zambia to the town of Chipata. There I was able to train 8 church leaders, also representing 3 different congregations from two towns.

Today began at 3:30 AM as I got up to catch my early morning bus back to Lusaka were I will spend Saturday and Sunday training yet another set of leaders from at least two different cities, before heading north to the town of Kabwe, my last stop in Zambia.

One if the concepts I am emphasizing is that the Holy Spirit is at work in a place among a people long before we show up. For good evangelism, we need to fall into alignment with what He, the Holy Spirit is already doing in a place. I have been so encouraged because in each city or town, I am finding that their focus for the year falls right in line with what I have come prepared to share. The Holy Spirit is at work!

Of course, the benefit of the training and time I am spending with these church leaders will be seen in the fruit that they produce. Please join me in prayer, for not only continued safety as I travel, but more importantly, that the Kingdom of God will expand and families and communities will be transformed. Pray that each of these churches and leaders will bear much fruit, and fruit that lasts.

Here is the group of church leaders I trained in Chipata, Zambia.

One must adapt when working in Africa. A door makes a wonderful place to work from.

New Baptisms in Inhambane

We are happy to report we had two more baptisms in April in the church in Inhambane. Even though I am in Zambia teaching others, the work at home goes on because we have been making disciples who know how to make disciples.

I met and became friends with Nelson as he was selling me phone credit. I handed him over to David who began to actively disciple him as I was focusing my work in one of the other villages. Then last Sunday, Geronimo, still another disciple, had the honor of baptizing Nelson in the bay after church service. Praise God for the growth in all these disciples!

Meet Nelson and Claudia who were baptized on Sunday, April 30th in Inhambane.

Nelson is a young man I met on the street in Inhambane as he was selling me credit for my cell phone. He has a real hunger for God.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!
Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah, and Jayden Harris