Final Report From Scott’s Training Tour

I wrote the last update from Zambia while in the middle of my month long training/teaching tour in three countries. Last time, I reported on the first half of the trip. Now, having completed this trip, I returned home tired but very pleased with the results. In fact, I would say this is the most successful training trip I have had in a long time. I came home encouraged and hopeful to see great fruit from this trip.

Group I trained in Chipata, Zambia

Church service in Lusaka, Zambia

Training in Lusaka, Zambia

Komboli and Scott on their last day.

During this time, I trained 22 church leaders in Zimbabwe representing at least 6 different congregations in the Western Provinces. In Zambia, I traveled to four different cities and trained about 40 church leaders representing 9 different churches or church clusters.

A special word of thanks to Komboli, who served as my guide and helper in Zambia again this year. He made sure I was on the correct buses and arrived at the correct places. I see him as one of my disciples I am training, even though I only am with him once a year!

The two weeks in Zambia were not without challenges though. Komboli got called back into work from his vacation at the end of the trip. I said, no problem as I was just traveling to the last city and then back to Lusaka. Sadly, during those two days I missed one bus, then additionally I was robbed twice! Guess I needed to keep Komboli with me – ha ha. Thankfully, I quickly got my laptop back as a passenger on the bus saw what was happening and alerted the bus driver. The second time I was robbed of all my cash, and none of that has not been recovered. I think Satan was trying to discourage me after such a good trip!

One of the small groups of leaders on the first night of training in Brazil.

The group that I went out with to minister with on the streets of Rio Claro. Great people who love God!

From Zambia, I traveled to Rio Claro, Brazil. Here I had two nights of training with about 22 church leaders as well as a long Saturday training with other church members in a much larger group of about 40. On my last Monday night in Brazil, we went into the city at night to look for “persons of peace” and to pray with people on the streets. This group is serious about reaching the lost in their community. Such a pleasure to continue to connect with and train people in this church.

In total, I was blessed to be able to work with about 100 different church leaders during the month. I had many conversations with lots of different people and was able to minister to some in need along the way. I was truly blessed. Thank you for making it possible for me to do this each year. Your participation in our ministry has a large impact on the Kingdom. Together, I know we are making a difference.

Family Update

Just a quick family update. Gabriel has just finished his second year at Harding University and is working at a restaurant in Jacksonville, AR this summer. Mariah is finishing up her senior year in high school in June. She is planning to start Abilene Christian University in August. Jayden is still in school at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, and will finish his sophomore year in early July. Lisa is currently busy working on writing contracts and supporting our ministry in Mozambique.

Special prayers as this first week in June as Lisa, Mariah and I are all currently in South Africa doing a bunch of Medical related work. Mariah got her braces off, but then turned around and had her wisdom teeth removed. Lisa is having some tests done at a local hospital, and I have had two trips to the dentist for work I needed done. We hope to return home to Mozambique patched up to continue working!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!
Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah, and Jayden Harris