Dear Friends,

Wow, so much has happened in such a short time, that it reminds me of one of my first missions class. One day upon arrival in class, we each found a rubber band on our desks and were told to put them on our wrist. Then the professor said that the rubber band was to remind us that missionaries have to be flexible, and that we could always snap it against our wrist if we were needing a reminder to be flexible. I have never forgotten that lesson. And yes, many times I have needed to “snap and feel the pain” for a reminder (no, I am not still wearing that rubber band). These last two months have required much flexibility for our family. We have had to rework furlough schedule and travel plans several times to address family needs or to accommodate unplanned hurricanes hitting Texas or Florida. Here is a snapshot of what has been happening….

English Camp 2017
What is English Camp? It is one of our major evangelistic efforts each year where we go into the local high schools and invite student to attend a Christian camp camp during their winter school break. They come wanting to work on their English speaking skills, but more importantly, we use it to present them with the saving Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

What a WONDERFUL camp we had this year!!!! We saw the Holy Spirit working from the first day as Ricardo (from Brazil) started teaching the kids songs. As the week progressed, it was evident that more and more people were being transformed by God’s touch. Many tears were shed, confessions made, prayers prayed, and we had ten baptized as camp ended on Friday. Since that week at camp, almost all of the campers have been attending our church and weekly discipleship training. They also come weekly to pray at the local hospital with our disciples. The long lasting fruit from this year’s camp is going to be exciting to watch, and we pray that God’s kingdom will continue to advance in Mozambique through these new disciples.

So a huge thank you to the team from Katy, Texas, and for their partnership in the work in Mozambique. We love you, and it is an honor to work along side you. Also, a big thank you to my friend Ricardo who came from Brazil to lead worship both in Portuguese and English. He also brought a young man from his church. We are praying Bruno will return to Mozambique as an apprentice in the near future. We were blessed to have my friend Des from South Africa, along with several others from Tzaneen to help. We are hoping the churches in South Africa sponsor a second camp each year. The unity seen in this international group was amazing, and a true testimony to God’s kingdom at work at its best.

Discipleship Training in Broken Arrow, OK
We have chosen to use the Tulsa area as our “base” while in the States this furlough. It was a logical decision for several reasons, but we now also see that it is where God has wanted us. In the past, Scott has had the opportunity to speak twice in Broken Arrow at the church where Lisa’s family attends. Last Fall, after preaching several people approached Scott wanting to learn more about discipleship. He kept up the lines of communication and a few days after our arrival here, changes were made for Scott to preach that coming Sunday and then that same afternoon to meet with anyone interested in learning more. About 40 people showed up at that interest meeting.

The response has been better than anyone thought. Scott then began meeting individually with a couple men as well as meeting with this same group several times a week. Scott calls the training “Discipleship 101” and has really enjoyed teaching. Now that we are on the road for several weeks, the group is still meeting and working through the “homework” Scott left. He will also continue to encourage and coach via email and phone while we are gone. When we are back in Tulsa, he will continue to meet and train.

Small groups learning to lead Discovery Bible Studies

Family News Update
Life is never dull, especially when you have kids. That is true as our family is going through two major changes at the same time. Thankfully, we are here in the States so we can help everyone make the transitions.

First, Mariah completed high school in June. We are proud of how hard she worked and how well she did in school. Mariah chose to attend Abilene Christian University in Texas, so we have moved her to Abilene and helped her move into her dorm a few weeks back. She is loving it and was extra excited to be able to dress in one of her African dresses and carry the Mozambican flag in the opening ceremonies at the school.

Just before leaving Mozambique, Gabriel shared with us his desire to leave college and join the military. We supported this decision and changed our travel schedules to help him as much as possible. He chose to join the US Army and actually just this week shipped out for boot camp on September 13th. Gabriel has talked about joining the military since he was about 2, and he thrives on structure. We believe he will do really well in the army, but ask that you especially pray for him while he is in training.

Gabriel being sworn in. Saying goodbye to Gabe at the airport.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!

Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah,
and Jayden Harris