Dear Friends,

       As many of you know, we are not sending this 2 Minute Update from Mozambique as we are back in the States on furlough. We have been very encouraged from our visits, but at the same time, we miss Africa.
We are often asked who is carrying on the work back in Mozambique while we are here in the States visiting people and churches. The answer is the local disciples are. Our goal from the beginning has been to start a discipleship making movement (DMM). Simply said, disciples making disciples who make disciples who make disciples. And because of your continued financial support and prayers, we believe that a good foundation for that DMM has been laid.
So as I write, the local disciples are busy continuing to love their neighbors, serve their communities, share Christ and disciple new believers while we are gone. We actually believe it is good for us to be away from Mozambique from time to time as it helps us evaluate the spiritual growth and development of the disciples. We are so encouraged to hear the reports of what God is doing in the lives of so many of them, and hope you are too as we share a few of those stories with you in this update.

Making Disciples
     In our last newsletter, we gave a short report of English Camp 2017.  We reported that before the end of the camp, we had 10 people baptized, and we are expecting reports of more baptisms soon. This is a picture of one of those baptisms.
One of the ladies who was baptized at camp had a life long history of witchcraft and demonic oppression. The transformation and changes in her life as she met Christ have been so exciting to see.
As we were walking down to the beach to baptize her that last day, she got a phone call from her father in Maputo.

“We don’t know where you are, but we want you to stay with the people you are with as long as you can. Last night your mother had a dream of you in a small burning hut. You were inside screaming, but we couldn’t save you. Then three people walked up to the burning hut and started to calling out to you. She didn’t know who they were–only that they were like priests or pastors calling you out to safety. You heard them and you were able to escape the burning hut. Your mother and I know how you have been tormented by demons since you were a baby. We could never help you. The witch doctors could never help you. But these people can help you!  Stay with them and learn all you can. Your mother and I support you being with them.”

WOW! She never even told her parents she was going to a Christian camp because she was afraid. They thought she was still in the town where she goes to school. This all took place not 100 feet from where we were about to baptize her. Praise God for His love for this young lady!  What a testimony to her family as she tells them what was happening in her life. The very night she was asking the Lord of lords to have His way with her life, her mother had that dream.
The following short video clip is of the disciples helping this new Christian burn all her magical amulets the witch doctor had given her for protection and help. Today she has been set free and lives with great joy. Praise God for lives that are changed.
New Christian burns all her magic charms.

Another exciting thing to report is that on the Sunday following camp, every one of the 2017 campers was at church. We have never had that large of a response before! Most continue to attend discipleship classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and we are working hard to maintain contact with a few of the disciples that are attending schools outside of Inhambane. Here is a picture from one of discipleship training meetings. Please pray for these new disciples as they grow spiritually and that they will catch a vision to make disciples of their friends and family members.

Discipleship In Action

Recently the disciples were asked to help an older lady suffering from high blood pressure. They went and visited her and end up driving her to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, the hospital only gave her Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) and sent her home. While she was at church that Sunday, her cooking hut burned down, destroying not only the hut, but also all her food. So what did the disciples do? They spent Monday in the rain collecting building supplies. Tuesday, they gathered again to rebuild her cooking hut. Love and discipleship in action. Their response to help is automatic. They were being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Starting the new frame.

The completed new cooking hut.

We also want to update you that even eight months after the devastating hurricane that hit Inhambane, there is still a lot of damage at many of the schools in our area. The response for help through the ECHO Project was great and because of that, we have been able to help fix roofs at several schools.  Recently a group of disciples completed work at two more schools. While the team was working at one of these schools, the children would moved outside to continue lessons under trees. I love this final picture of the kids lined up outside their newly covered class room. The disciples are serving the community and loving their neighbors in real and tangible ways.  The disciples were able to explain to the teachers and kids why they were there working and helping them. It was because of Jesus living in them. This was the disciples doing exactly what Jesus would be doing in front of the whole community.

Before, during and after pictures of love in action.

Needing Your Help

As we write, we have one need and one “want” to let people know about. If we don’t let you know about our needs, then you can’t respond.
1)  Our need – financial help. Donations have been slowly going down over the last several years. In September, for some reason, donations dropped well below normal. In fact, making payroll in November looked almost impossible, if not for a one time donation that came in right at the end of October.  We are looking for new couples and/or churches to partner with us as we continue to work and live in Mozambique. If you are interested and/or can provide leads, please email me via the links at the end of this newsletter. Also you can donate online via the following links.
2)  Our want – an iPhone. My iPhone 4 which I have had since about 2010 is dying. The battery won’t hold a charge long, the back is cracked and gets hot at times, and apps take forever to open or end up opening an app I didn’t select. You get the picture. We also know and many of you get new upgrades regularly and may have a good phone sitting in a drawer – so why not send it with us to Africa? I don’t need a new phone, just one takes a SIM card so we can put our African chips in it. We can get it unblocked once back in Africa if it is a blocked phone. So if you want to donate a new or used phone, let us know.  We will appreciate it!

Family News Update

     In this time of transition, constant movement and traveling, it is good to report that we are all healthy and doing well. It can be a challenge when we seem to move and sleeping in a different bed every couple nights! A quick count in my head says I have slept in 23 or 24 different beds in the last two months! On top of all the visits, Lisa has two book deadlines. One was October 1st which she met, and the second is ‪December 1st.‬
Jayden is staying up with his schooling despite the heavy travel schedule. On travel days he is usually unable to log into school and work, so that means when we do arrive someplace, he often needs to sit and start school right away. We are proud of him and so thankful he gets to travel with us.
We have been able to see Mariah a couple times since getting her settled at Abilene Christian. She is doing well, liking her classes, and enjoys “adulting” as she calls it. Learning to solve life’s problems and challenges.
As Gabriel is in bootcamp, we don’t hear much, but what we do hear is good, and we are proud of his accomplishments. His graduation as an Army Calvary Scout will be ‪on February 1st‬, so we are once again reworking travel plans so we can attend.

Gabriel in training.

Proud parents showing support.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!

Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah,
and Jayden Harris