There are times that things are busy, and then other times that they are crazy busy. That is the best way to describe the last two months. So much has happened with so many projects demanding our attention and time. Lisa and I have been working long hours trying to stay ahead of things. We are happy to share in this report some of what we have been doing.

7 Baptisms in Guinjata

On Sunday April 15th, after several weeks teaching and working with a number of people who have been attending the church in Guinjata, seven people came forward for baptism. After church, we loaded up my truck (and when you see the video below, you will know what I mean by loaded!) and made two trips over the sand dune to the beach so we could baptize people. What joy there was that day in church.

Click on image to watch video

Video Project

This month, we were blessed to receive Dale and Isaac Wright from Grand Junction, Colorado who came specifically to use their talents and time to document the work here in Mozambique. We have been running back and forth between churches and locations taking lots of video. Their ultimate goal is to help spread the story of what God is doing in this place. A major component of that is to document stories of how God has been transforming the lives of the disciples. Most of those interviews have been done with disciples who speak English, but a couple have been in the local dialect, which then requires hours of translation. As they get ready to return to the States, they still have a big job head of them in editing and final production. Lisa and I want to thank Dale and Isaac for their willingness to take their personal vacation time to come and serve AOM and to bless us with great encouragement through their visit. We also want to than the church in Grand Junction that sponsored their plane tickets for them to come. We will start sharing videos when they are ready.

A New Storying Evangelistic Tool

There are several reasons why we use “storying” to teach people about God. The first obvious reason is that many of the people we work with are only oral learners, meaning they have not had the opportunity to learn to read and write. Because of this, we want to model teaching in a manor that everyone can copy. But another main reason is that it works. People can be put off by someone pulling out a Bible, where when you ask someone if you can tell them a story, 99% of the time they respond – Yes!
In November, I was introduced to this storying cloth as a tool to help oral learners share Jesus with people. I was so excited and placed my order for 10 of them. Since then, I have ordered an additional 20. What I love is that it also helps provide a chronological order to the stories, something that often confuses people who can’t just open the Bible and look the stories up.
I have been meeting on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with a group of disciples, training them in the stories and how to use this tool get into people’s homes to teach. One new disciple, James, was walking home after a training and upon meeting a friend, ask if he could tell him a story as they walked. After James had finished the story, the friend ask if he would continue the stories and if it would be okay if he invited five or six other people to listen as well. James was so excited by the response. Please pray for James as the tells God’s story of salvation to this group of friends. Pray that the other disciples will also be as eager as James was to talk to people about Jesus.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!

Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah, and Jayden Harris