We Serve An Amazing God

Since the last update, we have so much to share. Once a year, I spend several weeks traveling in order to encourage the leaders in our sister churches, primarily in Zambia and Zimbabwe. The focus of most of these meetings this year was to challenge our leadership to have a vision for the future. Where are we going? What is our dream? Not just for our churches, but also what is our vision for the communities where were live and serve. Do we even have a vision that is inclusive? I returned home the middle of May tired, but very encouraged. The other day while talking to David Cuna, one of our coworkers here in Mozambique, I mentioned to him how amazed I am at what God is doing. David asked me why I was amazed, because we serve an amazing God! That says it all.

Vision Trip To Togo, West Africa

In April, to start off my trip, I led an international team comprised of four of our leaders on a vision trip to Togo, West Africa. They were from left to right, David Cuna (Mozambican), Phillip Nyandoro (Zimbabwean), Martin Mulyata (Zambian), and Ivanildo Tomuane (Mozambican).

The purpose of this trip was to expose these national church leaders to the very successful integration of community upliftment and the calling to make disciples. Laté and Minen Lawson of Togo have done just that. After our first visit to Laté’s farm and juice factory, David summed it up by saying that “it was mind blowing” what they have achieved. Each of the men came back challenged to focus even more on uplifting their communities.

While we were in Togo, we were blessed to spend one day training a group of about 25 church leaders from the villages around the farm. Then on Sunday, members from 7 different village churches met for a combined church service. Over 400 adults and children gathered together. In typical Togolese tradition, the singing and dancing during the worship service was a taste of heaven on earth. Our team was very impressed and encouraged.

I look forward to seeing how God is going to use this trip to impact the churches in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and of course here in Mozambique. I have already started working with my disciples here to cast a broader vision for the future.

It had been 21 years since I was last in Togo. To see what God has done through seeds that were planted long ago in Laté’s life was a blessing beyond what I can begin to express here. Lord willing, it won’t be the last trip.

Scott trained about 25 village church leaders in OIKOS mapping.

Over 400 gathered for a Sunday service with vibrant worship!

Vision Casting in Zambia and Zimbabwe

Following my trip to Togo, Lisa joined me and we flew to Lusaka, Zambia to meet and encourage some of the national church leaders. We spent a full day listening to their vision for their local ministries while encouraging them to dream bigger. We happened to be in Lusaka on a Sunday where we were able to spend a wonderful day in worship with one of the congregations. I say spend the day because the worship service lasted for 5 hours! It was wonderful and we were actually surprised when 5 hours had passed.

Following the trip to Zambia, Lisa was able to take a long layover in Nairobito see Jayden while Scott immediately drove up to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He traveled with Des Stephenson so they could not only meet with church leaders, but also to collect Janelle Avery who was in Bulawayo to visit the orphan program. We were to pleased to find about 30 leaders gathered the first day of the training, and nearly as many the second day. The focus was once again fulfilling the vision God has given them, and that meant we had to be honest about how Satan was attacking us and keeping us from fulfilling our individual calling. This led to time spent confessing, renewing our determination, and serving one another through an act of unity by washing one another’s feet. It was a truly blessed time with the leaders in Zimbabwe.

Janelle visited one afternoon to greet and encourage the leaders.

Special dinner one evening at the Nyandoro’s home.

Leaders deep in discussion doing a Discovery Bible Study (DBS)

Church leaders washing one another’s feet

Guess Who Is Home . . .

We already mentioned that Janelle Avery was back in Africa to visit the orphan program up in Zimbabwe. After Zim, we stopped in Tzaneen so she could visit friends, as well as a stop for a day in Kruger, before getting home to Mozambique. We were so blessed to have Janelle visit us for 5 days in our home.

Plus, we are so happy that Mariah is back home with us in Africa. She has just completed her first year of University in the States and is home for the summer. We have missed her, but we weren’t the only ones to missed Mariah. The kids from the church in Guinjata were also very excited and swarmed her!

Lisa and I were reminded that it isn’t just the two of us who serve the people here, but our children as well. They have learned to love people and the people love them too. When Mariah arrived here, she was really home.

We are so blessed to live and serve the Kingdom here in Mozambique. Thank you for your part in helping us stay and serve in Africa. You are part of something that is much bigger than you know.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!

Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah, and Jayden Harris