Can you believe it? We have entered the second half of 2018 now and most of you reading this are in full summer mode. Here in the Southern hemisphere are enjoying the cooler winter weather. It also means we are in our busiest time of year as we received mission teams during school holidays.
We are currently hosting 3 interns from South Africa plus Mariah who is home on her summer break. We have been spending some extra time on projects funded through the ECHO Project giving them chances to serve some who are in greatest need around us. The interns are also helping organize for our annual English Camp which takes place in early August. We are so blessed to have them!

New ECHO Project Video

Back in April of this year, you may remember that we were blessed to have Dale Wright and his oldest son Isaac come and spend a couple weeks filming different aspects of the ministry here in Mozambique. They have completed editing 3 short videos and we are happy to share with you one of these videos here. It was a “Vlog” Isaac decided to make as we were visiting a water well restoration process in the village of Magola. It is well worth watching, so hit the play circle in the image below. It is not only entertaining, but an excellent way to share about how the ECHO Project is working to make a difference in the communities around us.

Man vs African Women’s Chores

Sadly the water well is still not complete at the time of writing this email. BUT WE ARE CLOSE! We were held up waiting for the electricity to be installed. After paying a lot of money to run a new electrical line to the project, the company discovered it had some faulty equipment and everything had to be uninstalled. Finally after almost a two month wait, electricity was installed and working two days ago. Lord willing the project will be completed in the next couple weeks and the community will have access to the clean water.

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ECHO Project Builds Miguel A New House

Miguel is a young man who lves near one the disciples in the village of Guinjata. Miguel’s father died when he was very young. When his mother remarried, the two of them went to live with his new step father. Some years later, his mother also died, and since that time he has been neglected by his step father. In fact, Miguel had to move to this little hut about 100 yards from the family compound. Living on the outside looking into where the rest of the family stays. They do help him with some food and water, but not much.

Miguel came to the attention of this disciple when the restaurant where he works began trying to help him. When the restaurant employees eat their lunch, they invite him over and share their food. The manager would let Miguel hang around the restaurant “working,” by washing people’s cars while they ate and serving as a car guard while people are eating. This has given him the chance to earn a small amount of money.

This is a picture of Miguel’s roof taken from inside his little room. The center of the roof is gone. Miguel had tried to gather some pieces of plastic to cover the roof so he could sleep and stay dry when it rains, only the wind kept blowing the plastic away. Miguel sleeps on a woven mat on the ground because he has no bed. In fact, when you go into Miguel’s hut, all you see is a mat and a sheet to cover with. He has nothing else to his name.

The first time this disciple entered Miguel’s house to see where he lives, he told me he cried because of his poverty. When we learned of Miguel’s desperate state, we immediately decided that the ECHO Project would fund a new hut for Miguel. We purchased the necessary building supplies and along with the help of several disciples from town and our mission interns, we built Miguel a new house. We are thankful also for the manager of the restaurant who has donated the tin for the roof. Miguel doesn’t need to fear the rain anymore.

House building team standing in front of Miguel’s new house.

Internship In Mozambique

Beginning the end of June, we received 3 young interns from South Africa. Both Paige and Eden have been to Mozambique before and actually participated in last year’s English camp. The two of them have a desire to take a gap year from school and serve on the Mercy Ship, and as part of the qualifications, they needed to do a mission outreach without their family. Ruan who is also from Tzaneen, South Africa has come along to learn. We have added Mariah to their group as she is home on summer break.

Some of the activities they have participated in as part of their internship are: basic Portuguese classes, Bible study focused on discipleship, introduction to culture learning, attending Bible studies with Scott, and helping the ECHO Project build the house for Miguel, and teaching basic English conversation classes in town twice a week.

One morning while in Guinjata, the group washed the clothes of an old man who is almost blind. When we asked how he washes his clothes, he said he doesn’t because he finds it hard to even get enough water to take a bath. It was a very humbling experience for all of us.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!
Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah, and Jayden Harris