Don’t Watch This Video If You Don’t Want to Be Challenged!

Often as I read the Gospels, I find myself challenged buy the “unknown” simple heros of faith we meet. In fact, I seek them out. You know, those people who had an encounter with Jesus, but mentioned in only a verse or two. They even often remain unnamed, yet are highlighted as people of GREAT faith. People like the widow who put in her last two pennies in the temple collection box (Mark 12:41-44).  Or the Syropheonician woman who had faith to ask for even the crumbs (Mark 7:24-30). What about the woman who touched Jesus’ garment “secretly” to be healed, only to be discovered by Jesus (Mark 6:24-34)?

Do you know anyone like these examples?  I do!  Her name is Amelia from the village of Guinjata. She is a spiritual hero of mine. By the world’s standards, she she doesn’t have anything. She can not read or write her own name. In fact, she can’t even walk. Yet she is a woman with a simple strong faith.

I dare you to watch this video and not be challenged by Amelia as I am. You will learn why I believe God looks down on Amelia and smiles.  Why I will rejoice and cry tears of joy on that day when Jesus lovingly says to Amelia, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

ECHO Project Helps Amelia

Through the ECHO Project, we are able to send monthly food packets filled with basic supplies to help widows, orphans, and several blind people. Amelia is one of the ladies we are blessed to help. The first time I gave her a packet of food, she looked up at me with tear filled eyes, and couldn’t stop saying thank you.

Life is hard for people like Amelia. On a recent visit we learned she was having to scoot about 100 meters to use a latrine.  We decided the ECHO Project could help. Construction has started on a new latrine and bathing area behind her house. Lord willing, we will complete both next week.

As we began digging the new latrine, Scott took the chainsaw and began clearing old trees which fell during the hurricane of 2017.  We provided Amelia with a big stack of firewood to cook with.

Amelia ask if we would help install plastic sheeting over her roof as it was leaks when it rains. So we spent time installing the plastic to keep her dry. Something she could never do for herself.

Stage one was digging the new latrine. We then installed a concrete cover for greater ease of use.

Next week the disciples will return to build privacy walls for the toilet and around her new bathing area.

Check out our website: to learn more about how the ECHO Project is blessing the most vulnerable here in Mozambique. If you want to be a part of the ECHO Project, you can do so by giving online using the ECHO Project donation button on our website, or by following instructions found on the ECHO Project information page.

We Need $2500 To Replace A Vehicle

We had hoped in March to replace our Ford Everest which we bought back in 2011 and now has roughly 170,000 miles on it. You may remember that our friends are willing to sell us their current truck when their new truck – – which has already been ordered – – is delivered.  However due to delays at the Ford Factory, we have been told we will now have to wait until May.  That is fine as we are still roughly $2500 short of what is needed to replace our old vehicle.  So we need your help to close that financial gap before May 1st.

The truck we want to buy is similar to this one and also includes a canopy.

Donations for the truck can be made online via the link at the end of this email, or by mailing a check to:

African Outreach Ministries
5401 E. Hwy 287
Midlothian TX 76065
**Please attach a note saying that it is for the Vehicle Fund**

Family Update

Things have been busy and interesting in our family to say the least.  Lisa’s mom was in the hospital last Fall which eventually led to her decision to move into an assisted living community. That was a major move for all of us as we helped to try and make that transition as easy and efficient as possible. We are thankful to say that she is feeling much better and is doing well there.

Additionally, in late December, Gabriel was discharged from the US Army after a training accident that injured his back and led to an Honorary Discharge.  He is back in Tulsa working now at a new job.  Mariah is busy in her second year of schooling at Abilene Christian University, while Jayden is finishing up his senior year at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya with plans to study Chinese this Fall at Messiah College.  We realize that in a few more months, all three of our kids will be in the States – – all very far from us here in Mozambique!  A new phase of our lives is just around the corner!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!

Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah, and Jayden Harris