Spring/Fall Update – Depending On Where You Are

          For most of you reading this, summer has just started. Kids are out of school, summer camps and family vacations may be on your minds. But for those of us living in the Southern Hemisphere, we have moved into winter and while most here are complaining about how “cold” it is, I am enjoying the relief from the heat! I love the winters here!

          Let me apologize as this update has taken me so much longer to produce than normal. It seems the weeks get shorter and shorter. Lots of things happening here, mostly great, but some difficult issues we are dealing with as well, both in ministry and on a personal level.

          I hope you are encouraged in reading this newsletter, but also use it to remember to pray for us as we work in the Kingdom of God here in Mozambique.


Dedication of New Building in Inhambane

          One of the major projects we have had here in Inhambane has been to find a a new location for our city church to meet.  Over the years, we have had to move many times, but perhaps finally, we have found a piece of land we might be even able to buy. As for now, we are renting the land and have been told they will renew the lease another two years. A new location meant we had to dismantle the structure at our previous location and rebuild at the new. We saw this as a prime time to make a few improvements. The new location had access to electricity so we added power to our building and can now have meetings / trainings at night! Also, another first is to have water available to us. 


To celebrate the dedication of the new building, we invited the churches from the villages to attend.  We had about a hundred people present, then after the service we shared a meal together hosted by the Inhambane church.

          As it was a day of “new beginnings'” I also used the opportunity to officially announce Ivanildo Jonas Tomuane as the new leader of the church here in town.  Ivanildo, one of our first disciples, went to to Maputo to study at university, but while there began attending Bible school at night. So proud of this young man who finished valedictorian in both programs simultaneously! He is moving back to Inhambane in August, will be married in September, and excited to serve the church he loves so much. Pray for Ivanildo and Judith (his soon to be wife) as they work together to lead the church.

5 People Baptized on June 2nd

          What an encouraging day this was, not only with the opening of the new building, but that we were able to participate in the baptism of five more people. Do you remember the joy you felt at your baptism? I remember at age eleven the day when I was baptized at a church camp, but I must confess, I easily forget the joy and gratitude to God that I felt that day. The joy I see on these five people’s faces help me remember. There was great rejoicing not only in heaven that day, but here in Inhambane as well!

         Pray for David, Elena, Joy, Wilson and Nina as they continue to live out their lives as witnesses of God’s great love and forgiveness within their families and communities. Pray that they will continue to grow in faith and love.

Sprint 2019 Update From Mozambique

      In April, Scott made a short video update outlining what we have been focusing on since the start of the year. It was shared on our social media outlets, but some of you may have missed it. Please click on the video below to watch that short report from Inhambane, Mozambique.

We Got Our New Truck!


    I want to thank those of you that made special contributions and or participated in our 10 Year Celebration back in November of 2018. Because of your generosity and support, we were finally able to replace our 2010 Ford Everest with a newer 2016 Ford Ranger truck with canopy. We just want to say THANK YOU!

Family Update

         There are different seasons of life, and our family, like perhaps many of yours, is going through transition. Jayden is in the final weeks of his senior year of high school and will graduate from Rift Valley Academy on July 17th, then plans to start at Abilene Christian University in August.  For Lisa and I, this means all of our kids will soon be Stateside, leaving us alone in Africa. Yes, a big transition for us.

         Mariah completed her second year of university at ACU and was able to come home to Mozambique for a month long visit. She has now returned to the States and is working for the rest of the summer. She has done great academically and also looking forward to having her “little brother” at the same university as her.

         Gabriel was discharged from the US Army after a parachuting accident and injury and is working in Tulsa. The transition has been challenging, so Lisa has been in Tulsa helping him get settled.  At the same time she has also been able to be with her mother who is looking at surgery to repair a hole in her heart as well as a second unrelated surgery on her shoulder. We are blessed that Lisa can be with these two family members who need her at this time.

         Scott has been maintaining the ministry in Mozambique. Being apart is not easy, but we know it is a stage / season we are in, and consider ourselves blessed to be able to “divide and conquer” the challenges in front of us.  We know that all this will pass and we will be together again soon. We appreciate your prayers for us as our family transitions through these seasons of life.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!

Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah, and Jayden Harris