In September, I was thrilled to have several of my Board members come and visit me in Mozambique. As Lisa is temporrily in the States, it can make for some quiet evenings alone. So when Richard Howard, Jack English, and Geoff Cowles came to not only visit the work, but to encourage me, let me say, it was wonderful!
Part of their visit was spent at the beach holding a short spiritual retreat together. We had decided before hand to all read “Spirit Walk: The extraordinary power of Acts for Ordinary People” by Steve Smith. We used it to guide our discussions and pray together. I was so blessed by these men, for their love for God, and for the work here. I am so thankful they would come and spend time with me. Thank you guys!

Ivanildo and Judith get Married

On September 28th, we celebrated the marriage of Ivanildo and Judith Tomuane. It was a wonderful day where friends and family gather to see the formation of this new Christian family unit. I was honored to go early in the morning to sit with them as the family paid the bride price and exchange gifts, resulting in the blessings of both families towards this union. After that, guests began to arrive for the civil and Christian ceremonies followed by a huge banquet meal served to guests.
The example of a godly couple honoring God in every aspect of their courtship, engagement, and marriage was powerful testimony to friends and family. People when away from the wedding (an all day event) saying that what Ivanildo and Judith had done was good. They made sure everyone know of their faith in God and their desire to have His blessing above all others. Pray for this couple, that God will continue to use them powerfully in Inhambane.
One other observation I would like to highlight for you. I was so proud and thrilled to see how the brothers and sisters of the church pulled together to support and serve at the wedding. There were close to a dozen disciples who were directing the parking, setting up the tables and chairs, serving the food, etc. I was so proud of them! They not only were honoring this couple, but also God in their service.

As the wedding took place during the visit of my Board members, they were also able to attend the wedding. My good friends Des and Shilo Stephenson from South Africa (both of which are part of my South African board) were also able to come attend the wedding. This was special as Richard, Des and Shilo have known Ivanildo for many years.

Building Projects in September and October

We have had several building goals this year. We needed to move the church building in Inhambane, which was done back in May. We also had a project to replace the fence around the camp land which was completed in July. Finally, the roof of “the camp house” which is located on the land where we want to building our training center was in desperate need of replacement. We wanted to go from a thatched room to a zinc roof to avoid all the repairs we kept having to make. Switching to zinc meant that it was logical to put in a false ceiling to help with heat. As I write, that transformation is almost complete!

Several of the large zincs that we bought for the camp house roofing project were damaged, but we were able to salvage them by cutting them into smaller pieces allowing us to put a new roof on Amelia’s house. I only had to go and buy one more piece of zinc along with some boards and nails to make the project complete. What a blessing for this woman to have a new roof – the first time in her life to have a zinc roof and not one made of coconut palm branches. She was so happy and thankful that we came and blessed her.

2019 Furlough Plans

Lisa and I are looking forward to seeing some of you in person in the near future. We have not been able to have a normal furlough in several years where we visit all the churches and supporters on one trip. Family issues such as kids starting university and the fundraising banquet last year has necessitated making different travel plans.
Scott will be leaving Africa on the 18th to join up with Lisa who is in Tulsa. From there we have a busy schedule until we return to Africa in January 2020. Here is the basic schedule as it currently stands:
Nov. 19th Scott arrives in Tulsa
Nov. 20th – 26th Dallas, Texas
Nov. 26th – 30th Thanksgiving with family in Tulsa
Nov. 30th – Dec. 7th Grand Junction, Colorado
Dec. 7th – 12th Denver, Colorado
Dec. 13th -15th Abilene, Texas
Dec. 15th – Jan 2nd Tulsa, Oklahoma
Jan 2nd. – Jan.10th Houston, Texas
Jan. 10th – 12th Abilene, Texas
Jan. 14th Return to Africa
We will be making short day trip in and out of some of these locations to visit other supporters and friends who are not directly in these cities as time allows. If you want to contact us while we are traveling in the States, you can reach us at 713-367-3763.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!

Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah, and Jayden Harris