We Want 2020 To Be A Year Of Prayer

January brought in not only a new year, but another decade. In January, we also began our 17th year here in Southern Africa working with AOM. What a blessing it has been to live and serve here for the last 16 years!
So seems appropriate this January to solicit your prayers. Our greatest desire is to be faithful servants of our Lord in every area of our lives. We realize the only way we can do that is by spending much time in prayer. We want to hear and obey the guiding of the Holy Spirit like never before. So we ask you to join us by praying in the following areas.

Pray For Our Family

Pray for our children. For the first time, we have returned to Africa without any of our children. All three are now in the States. Over the last 5 years, we have gradually moved one of our kids back to the States, first Gabriel, then Mariah, and now Jayden as well. Seems strange that they are now all 10,000 miles away (literally). Pray God’s protection and blessings upon them as they work and study.
Pray also for Lisa’s mom, Ermalee. We had only been back on African soil for about 24 hours when got an email saying that Lisa’s mom was taken by ambulance to the hospital during the night with chest pains. The report also said that the paramedics reported her as unresponsive at one point. It was determined not to be a heart attack, which is good news, but perhaps related to a GI issue. She is back home, but further tests will continue to be run. As many of you know, Lisa spent much of 2019 in the States caring for family members needing her assistance, so this was not what we wanted to hear just hours after our return. Pray for peace and healing as we struggle being so far away at times like this.
Pray for Lisa and I as we adjust to life in an emptier home far away from our children. Pray for us in this new season of our life and our ministry. We want to be faithful and more fruitful than we have been in the past. Pray for us to have wisdom as we continue to move forward with what feels like a foot in each continent.

Pray for Amelia – Someone Tried To Kill Her

In our last newsletter, we told you how we had just finished putting a new roof on Amelia’s house. Additionally in 2019, we were able to bless this crippled woman with a new toilet and bathing area behind her house. She was so happy and thankful to the ECHO Project for the help.

We were shocked to learn that two weeks ago, someone set her house on fire while she was sleeping. Thankfully, she was able to get out without being hurt, but she lost everything she had in the fire. I can’t image the fear, confusion, and sadness she felt as she watched everything burn in a couple of minutes.

When the police and local officials came to investigate, they found a man’s footprint behind her house. They have determined someone was likely trying to kill her, so told her she must move to live with a daughter.
No one at this point knows why this would happen to Amelia. A guess would be jealousy or perhaps more likely, has something to do with witchcraft. As we learn more, we will keep you updated, and we will let you know how we have been able to help this sister in need.

Pray For A Fruitful Ministry in 2020

Pray for a fruitful year of ministry in 2020. 2019 began with the local church in Inhambane in crisis due to an unfaithful leader. It was a year spent strengthening and rebuilding local leadership. I am thankful that the church and the local disciples largely have moved on and that there was not a church split. Rather, as God always does, the disciples seem stronger and more committed. As we start 2020, I am optimistic and anticipate a good year. Pray that God will really lead us in our work here in Mozambique.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!

Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah,