6 People Baptized in Guinjata

We love to see people giving their lives to Christ, and baptisms are always such a time of joy in the churches. In February, we had 6 more baptisms in the village church in Guinjata.  Two details about these baptisms stand out a extra special.

First, one of our goals is to reach family units. Of the six people baptized, we had four members from one family! A mother and 3 children were baptized together. The first time they attended our church, the father was there too, but hasn’t returned. They said they have learned so much about the Bible and not only want to be born again, but to set a new course for their family. They ask for prayers that the father will see their examples and hear what they have to share so that the whole family can be saved.

Second thing that was extra special was the baptism of Maria. She is mute and can only communicate with hand motions (no sign language). It was wonderful to see the ladies try and teach her as they were so intent in making sure she understood everything. I wish you could have seen the joy on her face after her baptism.

Pray for these new Christians, and that the joy and excitement in the church will continue to spread as they continue to love and evangelize their neighbors.

Three disciples baptizing new believers in the Indian Ocean.

After we baptize a person, we always pray over them.

Weekly Teaching In Several Villages Restarted

Much of my time and focus in 2019 was spent with the church and leaders here in the city of Inhambane. During that time, I stopped making weekly midweek teaching trips to several of the village. Either myself of a couple of my disciples would still visit village churches most Sundays to conduct worship services, but beyone that, little was done. Plus, only one or two visits were made to Matimbene in 2019 due to the distance and time required.

So with the church in Inhambane in a much healthier state, here in 2020 we have begun weekly teaching / evangelism trips out to Magola and Matimbene (a new road has been constructed and make going and coming so much easier.) Along with the help of several of my disciples, we go not only to teach, but also to pray and minister to the sick. Here is a picture of José praying for an old man in Matimbene.

We have been using the Bible Story Cloth to teach the people and have them tell us the stories back. Each week, before we add another story or two, we have them remind the group of the previous stories. Most of these people can’t read or write, but they are learning these stories and can tell them back to us.

Please pray for the people in the villages of Magola and Matimbene. Pray that the Word of God will be planted in their hearts and it will produce fruit that lasts. Pray also for the team of disciples that is going with me each week to teach.

ECHO Project Builds Amelia A New House

Amelia’s house after the fire.

New house almost completed!

In November we reported that we had just put a new roof on Amelia’s house, and she was so happy. Then in the last newsletter we reported that someone came in the night and tried kill her by burning down the house while she slept.

Amelia lost everything, but the only thing she ask me for was another audio Bible like the one she lost. Her she is with her new Proclaimer.

This last week we got permission from the authorities to build her a new house. Our team built it in one day! The floor is being poured as I write, and the door has been ordered from the carpenter.

Pray that this new house will be a blessing to Amelia. A place of safety and protection for her.

After framing, we begin putting up the walls made out of woven palm branches called macuti.

It takes two to put up the walls. Ivanildo is working the outside. . .

. . . while Castro is inside attaching the macuti to the frame.

Last to go on was the tin roof. We finished just as it was getting dark!

New Programs In the Inhambane Church

For the last 6 months, Ivanildo has been teaching basic theology to a group of disciples on Tuesday evenings. The evening begins with about an hour of prayer time before the lessons. The goal is to deepen their knowledge of Scripture and help them respond to questions of faith.  They are learning a lot and really seem to enjoy it.

One of newest programs is a monthly ‪Saturday afternoon‬ meeting called “Café com Fé” (meaning Coffee with Fatih). It is designed as a relaxing time of games and a devotional to deepen relationships between the believers outside the Sunday service. Oh and some good coffee too!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!
Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Maria