Still On Lockdown In Mozambique

As I sat down to work on this newsletter, I discovered that my desk pad calendar is still on March!  It was a reminder of when things changed and time started standing still. Everyday feels the same, and it takes effort to know what day of the week it is. I know that most of you can identify.
That being said, God has been good. Here in Mozambique, the number of confirmed cases of Covid19 currently is 583 with 3 deaths. Thankfully, we are not on a total lock down. People can still buy and sell most items during shortened working hours, but we have to wear masks, wash hands, and maintain social distancing when entering a shop. Most government services are closed along with schools, churches, and bars.
I am continuing to crossing off items on my “to do list” around the house. I have cleaned and painted the storage room, organized my office files, replaced some faulty water pipes that bring water into the house, built new flower planters in the front of the house along with other landscaping projects, and have just about gotten the garage cleaned and the doors repaired. If this lock down continues much longer, I will finish the whole list!

Meet Jason Tomuane

About 3:30 in the morning on June 3rd, Jason Tomuane was born here in Inhambane to Ivanildo and Judith, two of our leaders in the churches. He was born by caesarean because he was breech. Do to the current Covid19 restrictions at the hospital, Ivanildo and I had to wait outside, sitting in my car!
Jason and mother are home now and doing well. He gained about a pound his first week. Ivanildo’s mother arrived to help just in time, as she came the day before he was born.

New ECHO Pig Project Starting

Every month, I deliver supplemental food packets to some of the most vulnerable around us that the ECHO Project sponsors. I always leave wondering what else we might do help. Recently during one village visit, I was invited to visit an old man’s “bank” as he called it – his pig pen! And that got me thinking. The next week I bought the young pig on the right.
The idea is to start breading a few pigs, selling the male piglets to pay for the their food and upkeep, while giving the female piglets to widows or other vulnerable families as a means of producing an income for themselves. As they start producing piglets, we will ask that they give one female piglet from each litter to help another family in need, allowing the program to continue to expand. They can then sell the remaining pigs to help provide an income to their families.

I called my builders to come and construct the first two pig pens so we can begin. We should finish all the preparations this week. We are already in talks for a second pig now. It is also suspected that the pig I bought may already be pregnant! I need to hurry and get her to her new home. I will update on our progress next month.

ECHO Project Small Business Loan

I was recently approached by one of my key disciples with a project idea. One of his neighbors was selling his small fishing boat as he retires back to his home village. The man had already sold his land and was just needing to sell his boat, so he was motivated to make a quick sell. This disciple isn’t a fisherman, but his cousin is and available to work the boat for him. The ECHO Project was able to help provide a small interest free loan to get the boat, buy nets and other necessary equipment. This last week, his cousin started going out fishing. This project will help provide additional food and income to this disciple and his family.

When the ECHO Project is able to help someone with a small business loan, they normally make a small weekly payments back to the ECHO Project in order to repay the loan. Additionally, I work with them to learn how do the “business” side of the project. I am very selective on the help we give to try and insure the best results of the program. We have had a number of failures, but also some wonderful success stories.  Pray for this disciple and his new project, that God will be with him and give him success. Pray also I will have wisdom as I work with him.

Family Update

Lisa is currently still in the US with two of the kids. Mariah’s internship in Houston for the summer are still on hold due to the virus. For now, she has found a seasonal job. Jayden is working landscape in Colorado while living with some of our friends, and Gabriel, who was furloughed from his job, is hoping to return back to work soon. It’s turned out to be a huge blessing for Lisa to be there with everything that is going on in the country right now. Her mother is still in lock down, but she is able to visit her and talk through the window. While this situation isn’t one we would have wished for, God is faithful. We are grateful for WhatsApp so we can communicate (Lisa and I speak an average of 3 times a day) and continue to take things one day at a time.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!

Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah, and Jayden Harris