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The ECHO Project was launched in 2010 to benefit the forgotten through Education, Compassion, Health, and Opportunity, because investing in a life today reaps a changed world tomorrow.

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Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Beyond

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The Harris Family and info about our founders.

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AOM’s vision is to partner with the African church to establish new fellowships of believers in under-churched people groups in southern Africa. We desire to establish churches devoted to holiness, obedience to Christ, small group accountability, and with a vision to evangelize to their people and beyond. This is being done through prayerful and strategic training of Christians though coaching networks.

Latest Blog

What Will People Say About You? Our brother Amone from the church in Guinjata passed away on July 4th. He was at least 90, but no one knows for sure. At the end, he was almost totally blind and unable to walk. He lived alone, and one of the families in the church would cook […]

Spring Video Update 2022 We hope you enjoy this video report this month.  We like providing these from time to time as it lets you “see” and experience our ministry in a different way.  We have included a personal testimony from one of the students Scott taught up in the northern part of Mozambique this […]

Spring/Fall Update The weather is changing, and fall is in the air. We are having lots of rain, everything is super green, and the heat levels are dropping. I laugh at our guards who are bundling up to try and stay warm at night, while we are still running two fans and the air conditioner […]

Home Again I (Scott) have just returned home to Mozambique.  It was below freezing when I left Tulsa, and here in Africa, summer is in full swing. Travel still requires extra planning and consideration with airlines and countries having different COVID restrictions, but it is doable. Lisa will be joining me in the next couple […]