2 Minute Update From Mozambique

Southern African countries go back into lock down

  January came and with it a new year. 2020 is finally behind us, and we were planning to return to Africa the end of January. But with rumors of closed boarders and increased travel restrictions likely, we held off on making travel plans. Sadly those rumors proved true and South Africa closed all its land boarders and air travel to limited exceptions, and we don’t qualify. Word also came from Zimbabwe that they are on at least a month lock down again, and Mozambique, you guessed it, is back up to level red restrictions at least through mid February. Churches are closed again, curfews in place. In speaking to Ivanildo, he said, we have head this song of 30 days of lock down, and we are pretty sure we already know the second, third and fourth verses as well – more lock down.  So we are still stuck in the States at least for the next couple months.

Through it all, we are at peace. We focus on the fact that God is in control. We rejoice that even in our absence from Mozambique, the church continues to meet in small groups and to grow spiritually and in number. Scott continues to stay in close contact with the disciples, and we continue to serve the our Lord where we are until we can go home again, finding opportunities be be involved with our church as well as the African community here in Tulsa and beyond.  If ministry is a lifestyle, then location doesn’t matter. Pray for us as we adjust our thinking and planning in light of the current restrictions.

Meet Micheal and Mariah Ranger


         On December 19th, our daughter Mariah became Mrs. Michael Ranger. We know that planning every wedding has its stresses, and this one was no exception. Originally the wedding was going to be on a beach in California, but when that wasn’t allowed, we chose to have the small ceremony at a resort in Palm Springs near Michael’s parents. Then just two weeks before the big day, Southern California went back into lock down and our reservations were canceled. Scott spent two days on the phone changing hotel and airline reservations while Lisa found and reserved a wedding chapel, ordered a cake, and lined up a new photographer. Within 48 hours we moved the whole wedding to from California to Las Vegas. Thankfully Las Vegas is geared to weddings!

We now joke how we NEVER would have dreamed our daughter would be married in Las Vegas. What was important was that the wedding took place and God has blessed this new family unit.

It was just the two immediate families in attendance and it turned out very nice. We have a new son in the family and are planning, Lord willing, a reception in Houston for them the end of May.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!

Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah, and Jayden Harris