Planning To Return To Mozambique

As I write that title, I must admit I am excited thinking about going home.  When I got on the evacuation flight to the States back in July, I never thought it would be almost a year before my return. Had I known, I might have packed differently!

Before we could seriously consider returning to Mozambique, we had to have our residency paperwork approved. I just heard that they were approved and Ivanildo has them in hand!  The only thing still lacking is the final authorization letter from the local office informing Immigration that all paperwork is filed and in order. That is a simple task and should be ready within the next two weeks.

So we are planning to leave the States about June 1st. Lisa will only stay long enough to renew her visa in person, then return to Tulsa where she is the primary care giver of her mother. Lord willing, I will stay in Africa until mid August, then return home to Tulsa for about a month before returning to Africa again and will stay until Thanksgiving.

That being said, the US State Department still lists Mozambique as “Level 4” as a COVID hot zone.  Lisa and I have both gotten our shots. We are also taking a monthly prophylactic along with high doses of vitamins. We are about as prepared as we can be.

Join us in praying for our return to Mozambique. Pray that we will be able to adjust well to ministry during these unusual times. And pray for Lisa and I as we will be spending much time apart.

Small Group Socials

As COVID began to raise it’s ugly head, we quickly divided the believers in Inhambane into small cell groups based upon where they lived. A year later, churches and religious meetings are still on basic lock down. Just this week, the President of Mozambique said that churches can start to reopen for the second time. We will see how long this lasts.
Being “forced” to meet in small groups has been very positive. We have seen new leaders emerge. We have seen them grow in love and commitment to one another and to their community. We have seen a couple groups multiply into several other groups. People have grown spiritually.
Recently, in efforts to encourage leadership and to get to know new members, Ivanildo and Judith have started hosting game night in their home, one group at a time. Everyone has really enjoyed this time together. I am proud of how Ivanildo and Judith have lead in my absence.

Easter Weekend Activities

Churches were not allowed to gather for Easter Sunday services due to the churches being closed. However, Ivanildo didn’t want that day to pass without recognition. So he invited some of the key leaders over for a special training on Saturday.  Others attended a special worship service at his home on Easter Sunday.

Family Update

Biggest news within our family right now is that Mariah will be graduating from Abilene Christian University (ACU) on May 8th with honors. It seems like just the other day we were moving her into her dorm for the first time, and now she is graduating with a degree in Psychology. As Michael, her husband has one more year to finish a second degree, they will remain in Abilene another year. Mariah is looking at a Masters in Social Work, and hopes to begin a program next Spring. Of course, we will be traveling there to attend the ceremony!

Gabriel has been promoted at the local Mercedes dealership and is now a service agent. He is liking the challenge. Jayden is planning to move to Springfield, Illinois this summer to begin his certifications to become a fireman. He is planning to share an apartment with one of his best friends from Rift Valley Academy in Kenya. It will be good for them to be together again.

Lisa remains busy writing and caring for her mother. I have filled some of my time here in Tulsa working as a substitute teacher. Due to COVID, there was a shortage of teachers and I am glad I have been able to help. I am thankful that I have filled two long-term subbing positions at the same school since February, which has allowed me to getting to know some of the kids.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!

Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah, and Jayden Harris