Please Pray

Tomorrow, Sunday May 30th, we begin our travel back home to Mozambique. We are excited, but we also know we will meet a few challenges as we go. So we are asking for special prayer cover as we transition back to Africa.  Here are some specific prayer requests.

1)     Pray for our flight connections, specifically for our connection in Ethiopia. We have an hour and forty minutes layover in Addis for our flight to Maputo. If we miss our connection, it will take a minimum of 24 hours to get the next flight, if there even is a flight the next day. Missing a connection could also mess up the validity of negative COVID testing required to enter Mozambique.

2)       Pray for easy passage at customs in Maputo. Our residency paperwork is expired. All expiration dates have been extended, in theory, but we won’t know what reception we will get at customs. We should be able to get tourist VISAs to enter if they won’t accept our expired documentation.

3)      Pray for a smooth renewal of our residency papers. We have all the approved paperwork and that remains should be the formality of payment and a new picture. But we have heard from others that they are trying to impose fines. Pray for favor from the officials.

4)     Pray for our family as we leave Lisa’s mother and our children behind in the States.

Thank you for your prayers in these matters. We plan to put out a newsletter once we get back home. We will update you on the trip, our paperwork, and most importantly the reunions with our Mozambican brothers and sisters!

Scott and Lisa