After Six Days Of Travel – We Made It Home

We are finally at home in Mozambique. It feels good to be home, but the journey turned out longer than anticipated. We left Tulsa on May 30th for Washington DC where we had to spend the night before our flight to Africa. Early on May 31st, we were back at the airport and flew from DC to Ethiopia direct, arriving in Africa on June 1st. After a two hour wait, were on our way to Maputo, Mozambique. We then had to wait over 1 1/2 hours before they let us into the country as our paperwork was expired. Thankfully we had copies of all our approvals and scheduled appointments with immigration which helped us get through customs.

We were met at the airport by Ivanildo who had driven one of our trucks down from Inhambane to collect us. However, as he entered the city he started having problem with the truck. We ended up taking it to the Nissan workshop as there was no way we would make it home. It was discovered that the turbo wasn’t engaging, however on closer inspection and diagnostics, the fuel pump was also going out. So we extended our stay in the capitol hoping for a quick repair, but that wasn’t to be as parts needed to be ordered. So at 5 AM on June 4th, we were able to take a bus home to Inhambane. Six days of travel to finally sleep in our own bed again.
Travel has become more difficult with needing a negative COVID test before being allowed to travel. We find ourselves in Maputo again, this time waiting for Lisa’s test results so she can travel back to Tulsa tomorrow, June 18th. Counting the days we have had to spend to travel here, test, wait for results and her two days of air travel, she will have spent 11 days traveling to actually spend 10 days in Inhambane.

The other morning while having my devotions and prayers, I saw this rainbow which reminded me of God’s promises. We praise God for His blessings during the first couple weeks home. We were able to get all our residency paperwork approved, along with renewal of vehicle import paperwork. We visited many of the disciples and started making plans of how to jump back into ministry. Both of us have been surprised at just how easily we have stepped back into our life here and have felt instantly at home. For that we thank the Father who has blessed us.

Visiting The Disciples

We have been so happy to visit the disciples both here in Inhambane and in a couple of village areas since we returned. We have received such a warm welcome back, and it has been so good to see people again.  We have found that a couple of group leaders have left Inhambane to continue their studies in other cities, so several groups have merged and one group is now so large on Sunday’s that there isn’t enough seating space. We will be breaking that group up so that I can lead part of it to allow room for neighbors to attend. It has also highlighted the need to double down on the training and equipping of additional small group leaders.
Another wonderful surprise has been to see that Ivanildo has started a leadership training for key leaders who want to grow deeply in their understanding of God’s word. He has been teaching them an introduction to Biblical interpretation that has been very good. Our vision since the beginning has been to raise up local disciples who are capable of leading a movement in Mozambique. During this “forced” absence due to COVID, we see that they have continued forward without us. We praise God for the good foundation that has been laid here for the future.

Family Update

As already stated, Lisa is about to leave to return to Tulsa to continue caring for her mother and continue writing. Scott will stay here in Mozambique until the last half of August. He will return in October and stay until the holidays. Lisa will need to return at least for a short period to maintain her residency, but at least for now has permission to have an extended stay outside Mozambique.

We are blessed to say that all of our kids are doing good as well. All are working and this fall, Jayden will start studying again. He will be getting certified as an EMT with the goal of becoming a firefighter. Gabe has a good job in Tulsa with Mercedes and is moving this week to an apartment across the street from where he works. We are proud of the progress he has made. Mariah and Michael are still in Abliene for another school year as Michael finishes his second degree. Mariah is working and looking to start a graduate program in Social Work in January.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!

Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah, and Jayden Harris