Construction Begins On Training Center Wall

COVID has thrown a wrench into just about everything, but thankfully, we are making progress, even if it is slow. After months of delays in getting the building permit for the wall out of the city offices, we finally have it in hand!  The process was started back in January of this year! Eight months to get a permit to build a security wall isn’t bad, is it?

We selected the two sides along the roads to begin with. When they are completed, we will begin construction on the remaining two sides. We should be finished with the project by November – I hope.  Remember everything is slow in Mozambique.
Some have ask why we started with the security wall before the training center. Good question! Answer is simply that building supplies “disappear” during construction, and I hope to mitigate that issue as we go forward in developing the training center.

This project has been made possible through special donations from several individuals and two churches; The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch in Texas and Family Bible Church in Washington. Thank you all so much for your generous donations!
In the next couple months, we hope to reveal the architect’s drawings for the training center. The construction of this training center will be divided into several phases, with a goal of at least phase one completed in 2022.

Grant Submission Made To Serve the Blind and Deaf of Inhambane

Recently, several of the local disciples submitted an application for a grant through the US Embassy in Maputo for funding to provide tutoring services to blind and deaf students in the local high schools. Unlike the States, student who have different disabilities rarely receive any special help to succeed in school. These disciples have seen this need and begin to think about how they can use their skills and talents to help.

Vanila, one of our disciples knows how to read and write in braille, has already been helping this young man in our fellowship who is blind to improve his reading of braille. When we learned of potential funding, a strategic plan was made and the application was submitted. The proposal would pay for 3 full time tutors to work with identified students in a partnership with the local high schools. Their plan includes home visits as well to help educate and assist their families. The potential positive impact these students and families is immeasurable.
Perhaps the most encouraging for us is to see how these disciples want to live out Christ’s command to love their neighbors in practical and tangible ways using the talents God has given them. It is a sign of their spiritual maturity. Plus it will be a great way to open doors to share the Gospel of Christ.  Join us in praying for the success of this grant.

Family Update

We are happy to report that Scott made it safely back to Tulsa, and he and Lisa are back together again! Plans are for us to return to Africa the first week in October. During this time in the States, we will be visiting several churches and meet with our Board. While in the States, Lisa has continued to care for her mother, is writing full time, and has become active in the church we are attending.
The kids are doing great. Gabriel and Mariah are both working full time, and Michael and Jayden have started back to school while working part time. Everyone is and has been healthy, and we know we are very blessed.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!

Scott, Lisa, Gabriel, Mariah, and Jayden Harris