Spring/Fall Update

Vanilla’s Testimony about how she is trying to use her gifts for the kingdom
In this short second video, Vanilla, one of the disciples here in Inhambane shares how she is seeking to use her God-given gifts to bless people around her.  She has a passion for helping the visually impaired, so she taught herself to read and write braille. She doesn’t share it here in the video, but she has actually been translating part of the Scriptures into braille for Chico as she not only teaches him English, but as she disciples this young man.
Vanilla and Ivanildo (highlighted in last months newsletter) are just two of the many disciples in Mozambique.  In sharing their testimonies, we hope you get a glimpse of not only what God has done here in Inhambane, but are excited about the possibilities for the future.
God has blessed us with many talented Mozambican disciples. A good and solid foundation has been built since our arrival here. And under the leadership of people like Ivanildo and Vanilla, it is going to be exciting to see what God is going to do.

Training Center Land Wall Almost Complete

I was hoping to provide you pictures of the finished wall project at the training center land, but we are still about two weeks out from completion. The wall is 95% complete and all that remains are the finishing touches. There have been many challenges with this project. We had to wait seven months for the building permit. Then lost the first contractor about 30% through the process. No the builders are struggling to get water. But we have pushed through!
We are so pleased with the wall. I think you will agree that it looks great.  This wall around the training center compound will help protect the mission’s assets, but more importantly gets us one step closer to having a permanent base for training Christian leaders well into the future. It also shows to the community and the government that we are here to stay.
We wish to thank all of you who contributed financially to make this wall a reality in 2021. A special thank you to Family Bible Church up in Washington State and The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch in Katy, Texas who gave toward this project.

Omicron Variant – Really?

Yes, we have heard about the new Omicron variant that came out of Southern Africa. Yes, Mozambique is on the list of no-go countries. We are happy to say that Scott returned to Tulsa from Mozambique just before Thanksgiving and before the travel ban from Southern Africa was put into place. Scott plans to return to Mozambique in early February, but that will depend on what the travel situation is at the time. Currently, South Africa is closing its boarder with Mozambique from December 15 through January 15th, and could be extended. We have been there, done that before.  So once again, we are back in our holding pattern, but at least we are together!
I keep asking people in Mozambique and in South Africa what the real situation is on the ground. In Mozambique, life goes on much as it was before the new variant was discovered. Even in South Africa, there is little change in day to day life.  It is thought that closing the boarder is more a precaution as last December families traveled both ways across the boarder for the holiday season, causing a major outbreak in both countries, so they want to limit that this year.
Pray for us as we once again see ourselves waiting for life and ministry to return to some form of normalcy. Until then, we will continue to love and serve our King wherever we are.

Family Update

We count ourselves blessed in knowing that we will see all of our children at least for a day or two during the holiday season. As they are all working, time off around the holidays is difficult for everyone, but it looks like all will make it home if just for a short time. Scott’s parents are also going to be at his sister’s house in Louisiana, so we plan to drive down and spend a couple days with them at some point as it has been a full year since we have seen them.
We have so much to be thankful for. We are healthy. We all have jobs. We have a homes and all of our needs are met. We are part of a wonderful church in Tulsa, and of course, blessed beyond measure by our African brothers and sisters. We have not only hope, but an assurance of a home in heaven with our Father one day. Despite frustrations in the world around us, we are at peace. For that, we can only be thankful, and we are.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!

Scott & Lisa Harris