Spring/Fall Update

The weather is changing, and fall is in the air. We are having lots of rain, everything is super green, and the heat levels are dropping. I laugh at our guards who are bundling up to try and stay warm at night, while we are still running two fans and the air conditioner in our room so we can sleep well. They think I am crazy, and perhaps they are right.
The biggest news is that Lisa has arrived back home in Africa!  I drove to Johannesburg to pick her up, and I was not very patient as I waited for her to walk out in the reception lobby at the airport.
Lisa will get to spend the month of April with me here in Mozambique. She continues to care for her mother in Tulsa, but she has to return periodically to maintain her residency status. We are hoping our permanent residency will come through this month, but if not, she will have to return in June to be present to renew her yearly visa.  Please keep praying our paperwork will be processed soon.

The Joy of Simple Faith

A weekly joy is getting to go out to the Guinjata church and preach. Castro has been going with me to translate into the local dialect. I have been teaching since my return on understanding grace. This last Sunday, I used a red sheet to demonstrate how the blood of Jesus covers us while still being imperfect sinners. How grateful I am for His grace!
I have been so encouraged by their simple faith. Few in the church can read or write. They would probably struggle to list 10 books of the Bible. But they love Jesus!  Every Sunday after worship, we go out as a group to visit one or two people who are sick, either members or family members of members.
We try and encourage the person and family members who are caring for them. This was their idea and something they do even when I am not there. I am so encouraged when I see putting their faith into action and being a light in their community.

Scott to Go Teach in a Bible School

Two years ago this month, I was planning to head to the far North of Mozambique to teach a week-long course as a guest teacher in a Bible school. But on April 1st, 2020, Mozambique went into lockdown and all schools closed.  Now, finally two years later, Ivanildo and I will fly up to Pemba and then travel on to Montepuez the second largest city in Capo Delgado Province.  I will teach a course called “Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting.” I have been spending the last several weeks updating the course syllabus and my PowerPoint presentations. I am really getting excited to go, however I am a bit nervous as this will be the first time I have taken on such a task all in Portuguese.  Please pray that God will bless this time with these church leaders. I promise pictures and a report next month.

Family Update

In March, our oldest son Gabriel turned 25. How is that possible? As Lisa was set to travel back to Africa on his birthday, they planned an early celebration. Jayden, our youngest who is living and studying in Springfield, Illinois, decide to drive down to Tulsa to surprise his mother before she left the country, and he did surprise her! So Jayden was able to join the small party they had for Gabe as well.
Mariah and Michael are about to finish their time in Abilene, Texas. Mariah continues to work as a behavioral technician with autistic children, and Michael is finishing his last month studies. We are very proud of him and he graduate with
degrees in both and engineering and physics next month.  Lisa and I will be both traveling back to attend that graduation. Way to go Michael!
Lastly, I want to honor my parents, Sandy and Farrel Harris who just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in March.  Thank you for being such a wonderful example to us.  Lisa and I want to follow your example.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!