Focused On Training Leaders To Train Others

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.” 2 Timothy 2:2

Paul’s instructions to his disciple Timothy have been a key principle in our approach to discipleship in Mozambique.
Our goal from the beginning has been to raise up Mozambican leaders who can lead the ministry far into the future. Disciples making disciples who make disciples who make disciples…We are thrilled to see how Ivanildo is gathering the key disciples around him and teaching and coaching them into disciple makers themselves, thus fulfilling Paul’s mandate to Timothy. I invest in Invanildo, who is investing in them. I thank God for the strong foundation that has been laid.
Before my return to the States the end of July, I made up these Oikos prayer journals for each leader. A place for them to write not just the names of the people they are hoping to share Christ with, but also the names of the other leaders, so they can remember to pray for each other daily. Ivanildo sends out a daily text reminder for them to pray for the lost and for one another. It is exciting to see how God is answering those prays. I use my journal to help me pray for each of the leaders by name while I am in the States. This is just one example of a tool we are using to raise up strong leaders in Mozambique, and to grow the Kingdom at the same time.

Disciples Evangelize In New Area

In a recent newsletter, I shared how we have a vision of planting many house churches around our city. On August 6th, six disciples joined another leader in his area of town with the vision to plant at least one new house church. They prayed for a couple weeks leading up to the day that they would meet persons of peace that would invite them into their homes to share the good news of Jesus.
They reported visiting 11 homes, with 7 of them inviting them to return to share more. They also went and shared with people in the local market. Followup has begun, and we all continue to pray for these new contacts. Several have rejected the messages, but many most have asked to hear more.
Ivanildo sent me the following report, “People were surprised when we told them we have been praying for them and we were convinced the Holy Spirit led us to them. They were also surprised by the fact that we were not inviting them to come to church! Little do they know we want them to become the church where they are. Ha ha!”  I too had to laugh at what he wrote. Join us in praying for two new house churches in this new area of they city.

Local Disciples Are Maturing In Christ

We have shared about the development of the training center land. We have completed the wall, worked on the water system, and now, this month terraced out the land for the outdoor “amphitheatre” for teaching. We still need to plant grass, pave the stage area, and add a fire pit.
The team installing the brick work rushed to complete it in time to be used for the monthly gatherings of house churches which was held on August 7th. Everyone was super excited and said it was a great. Several disciples came early and placed plants and flowers around the area to make it look even better.
We will be sharing more next month about the fundraising push we will be making to actually construct the training center. We have filed the paperwork with the city for the approval of the plans, but it is a long process. Watch for the coming updates!

Family Update

I arrived in Tulsa on July 22nd. Since my arrival, there have been multiple family issues that have come up and Lisa has been so grateful for God’s timing. Several times people have said, “God knew that you needed to be home to help.”  There have also been many good things that have happened since my return.
For one, we got to travel together to our board meeting for change! We traveled down to Houston for a week of meetings and catching up with friends. It was a super fast paced week, but we felt so encouraged by those we met with. On Saturday, we had a meeting of the AOM Board, and about half the members attended in person, while others joined from different locations via Zoom. Being in fellowship is so powerful.
Michael has returned from his job up in Alaska, so Mariah is very happy. He has resumed his job search now that he is back, and we would appreciate your prayers for him find the best fit for the two of them. He has a degree in engineering and a degree in physics. Reach out to me if you have any leads. Our boys are doing well, and for that we are thankful. Jayden is coming to spend a few days with us very soon, and we are excited to see him.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of our ministry!

Scott and Lisa Harri